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Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic disease.. The fear and dread  I felt during that period made my days unbearable. I turned to mindfulness meditation because I was looking for relief from my frantic state of mind. Those daily minutes of quieting my mind became a personal form of therapy.  I did not expect to see the benefits of  meditation in other facets of my life, but over time I had a greater ability to focus and concentrate. I was able to deal with stress more appropriately, and I felt more at peace and present to the beauty life had to offer. My daily mindfulness meditation practice literally changed my outlook. More importantly,  it transformed  my life.

My desire to teach and share this practice developed because I knew mindfulness meditation could change the lives of many, but  there was a shortage of places to learn without it being attached to religion. I enrolled in the Mindful Schools year-long program and that is where my quest for sharing mindfulness really began.

As a former school counselor and private therapist I have seen firsthand the benefits of learning mindfulness meditation and adopting a mindful way of living. I am so grateful  to have an opportunity to share because I know this way of living changed my life for the better.........If given a chance, it can change yours too. 

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Mindfulness Training

There are many factors that can cause stress within our lives, but when stress becomes chronic, diligent steps must be taken to avoid unintended negative consequences.

Choose to manage life better by learning how to develop a regular mindfulness practice in your life. Private, customized mindfulness instruction can be arranged  at your home, office  or on-site at  one of our private locations. 

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